Anna King

About Me


Anna King
410 E. Nichols Spring Hill KS 66083

Personal, Education and Vocation Goals

    I’ve never been a fantastic planner; I tended to work better on the fly as long as I had a clear idea of my destination in mind. This relates to my goals for my life, it’s not planned out every step of the way, but I know what I want for myself and my future.

            Some educational goals I have set for myself include graduating with honors from Bethany College and going onto a graduate college to finish my degree in Art Therapy. I will achieve this by working hard to keep my grades up and enroll in the right classes. Also, searching out connections for possible future jobs will be key to my success in getting into graduate school and getting a decent position afterwards. Personal connections are where it is at. Along with the above goals, I just want to learn as much as I can. There is so much out there, I want to get a well-rounded education, which I will be able to do by taking a wide variety of classes.

            My vocational goals are quite similar to my educational goals. I feel that God gave me specific talents so that I can play a role in something that only I can do. I have loved art all my life, so that my calling incorporates art is logical. Also, I want to help others. Previously, I have satisfied this on my mission trips; they have been so fulfilling. So my vocational will involve art and helping others. Right now, I feel that this will best be filled by pursuing a career as an art therapist. That way, I will be able to help others with something that is very dear to my heart. However, there may come times when I can do other things, such as volunteering of mission trips that will also help me fill my vocation.

            Along with educational and vocational goals, I have personal goals that are very near my heart. First and foremost, I want to become the kind of women God wants me to be. This means I must be patient, kind, forgiving, compassionate and a good wife and mother, if that’s in my future. To do this, I will just have to content myself with reading and knowing the Bible as well as being involved in church and the type of women that I want to model myself after.  Hand in hand with this is my desire to have a good relationship with my husband to be a strong one.

            Overall, these are my goals for my life, whether I consciously acknowledge them every day, they are what I am now working towards. To me, the hard work is totally worth it.